Bringing together mainstream products with alternative healing methods 

(AKA woo woo)

You'd be surprised how much woo woo you already do in your everyday life. With a box from Owl & Moon Apothecary, you'll learn how to use energy healing, metaphysics, crystals, aromatherapy and more to live your best life - and smell good doing it! 


A little about our mission at Owl & Moon Apothecary…

We believe that everyone should know how to balance their chakras, make a crystal elixir, set up an altar, protect and shield yourself, use essential oils safely, cleanse your aura, space and place and more. To us, these are daily tools in our spiritual toolbox. These tools should be available to everyone. It's not all woo woo. Most of you have been practicing magick your whole life! Ever blow out a birthday candle and make a wish?  Yup, magick. Drink fresh spring water direct from the earth? Boom, instant crystal elixir.  Hug a tree? Grounding at it's best. There's so much more magick out there and Owl & Moon Apothecary wants it accessible to everyone. Well, everyone that orders a box. 

Changing the world one box at a time.

The Magic Maker

Diana Walker

Master of Soaps, Lotions & Potions


The magic elixir behind long all-nighters.

The Cauldron Crew

The behind the scene magic makers.

It all started in a kitchen and haunted house

Please note kitchen and haunted house were two separate locations! Diana began soapmaking in her kitchen at home and then found her spiritual path while investigating a haunted house with a paranormal group.  And the adventure down the rabbit hole began.

In the kitchen...

Diana began making candles, soaps and  lotions in 2003 as a hobby. It escalated in to a business and she sold her handmade products at local craft shows and at in-home parties. A few years later while feeding her other obsession with things that go bump in the night, she joined a local paranormal investigation group. She learned quickly she was an empath and became a Reiki Master Teacher. Let me tell you - Reiki is the gateway drug to all things woo woo! She never looked back. 

In addition to being a Kundalini and Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Diana is an intuitive certified in traditional and subtle aromatherapy, crystal healing, Bach Flower Remedies, IET, Elemental Space Clearing, Intuitive Counseling, divination and more. She teaches classes on various metaphysical topics in northern Virginia.

A few years and many haunted houses later...

Labels are for soap and clothes. We don't like to label ourselves.  Are we a witchy box company? Are we a light and fluffy box biz? Are we a bath and body subscription? Yes, yes and yes, but we'll let you decide. We want to be a fun, high vibe, handcrafted, hand curated subscription box business that helps you find your magick.

A subscription box business model makes sense. It allows Owl & Moon Apothecary to share the love of energy healing, crystals and aromatherapy with others outside of our spiritual community in the DC Metro area. Our team of lightworkers works together to assemble the perfect box each month. 

Making a difference with love, light and lather. 

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